Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend re-cap...

It was a fun weekend.  We left work early and took the kids out of school on Friday.  We drove north about 3 hours to Watkins Glen, NY to meet up with some friends.  My husband's best friend from high school/college bought a summer home on Seneca Lake.  He wanted us up there when he did the final walk through and got the keys.  It's a beautiful home with huge windows, a dock and boat.  He has many acres of woods and a great yard.  But being on the water is the key.  The kitchen is awesome.  We came home Saturday night.  

Today, we finally made it to church as a family!  It felt good to sit together again.  I no longer work on the weekends so it's a priority to get back into the routine.  After church, we went home and got the kids' sports stuff together before we headed to my husband's cousin's baptism.  I'm not Catholic but I was the Christian Witness for the baptism.  My little cousin, by marriage, is so cute.  He was so well-behaved the whole time.  A real doll at 4 months.  Then we all headed to lunch with my husband's uncle, aunt, cousin and her partner and the little baby.  It's nice having family in town (even if it's by marriage).

Speaking of sister and mom will be coming in March for a visit.  I'm looking forward to it.  My dad doesn't want to spend the money to come up.  Oh well.

Needless to say, it wasn't a very restful weekend.  I did enjoy it, though, and it's nice to have a job during the week and the weekends off. 

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy New Year! (a couple of days late)

It's 2016 now.  Gosh, I can remember when it was 1976.  I sound old, I know.  It's amazing how time has flown by.  My dad said it would go by faster and faster.  He certainly was right.

I've never been one for resolutions.  But, rather, it's good to focus on new beginnings.  Today was my last day at the airport.  I recently started a full-time job at the free medical clinic where I have volunteered as a phlebotomist since 2009.  I started Oct 2015.  I tried to keep both jobs (mainly for the flight benefits with the airline), but soon it was very overwhelming.  With a family and all the activities that go with it, I just couldn't keep up.  So, today I start out with just one job outside of the home.  It will be nice.  

I can actually get into a routine.  A first.  I plan to exercise regularly since I won't be "throwing" bags anymore.  

I plan to sleep in on Saturdays and relax around the breakfast table.  I'm looking forward to spoiling the kids with crepes on a regular basis.

I plan to get back into going to church regularly.  I'm sure my husband will miss the slacking, but it's good for me to feel centered and balanced.  I no longer will have to work strange hours (very early or very late) so it will be easier to get up on Sunday. 

It will be nice to plan on dinner with friends after work and know that I won't get stuck because of a delayed flight or cancelled one.  

Don't get me wrong.  I loved working with the recent group.  The boss was wonderful and she never yelled.  The supervisors were very nice and tried to be fair.  This is not the norm in the airline industry and I valued it from the start.  The flight benefits were awesome.  I took the kids to Madrid this past summer.  I recently flew to Lisbon in October just before I started the full-time job.  I'm so glad I did, too.  I love to travel and experience different places, but it just wasn't going to happen as much as I liked.  These two kids of mine need me to be around.  I need to be there in the morning to assist them so they can catch the bus.  I need to be there after school to run them to whatever practice they are doing that day.  It's all good.  I left the airline on a good note.  I worked the gate today and both flights were on time.  Who knows?  I might end up in the industry again some day.  It's addictive.  The flying, the people, etc.  

For now, I will concentrate on the new job and doing the best I can there.  It's a new chapter, a different phase.  And it will all work out.

Monday, September 28, 2015

My new favorite bird

I've always loved the roadrunner, the woodpecker (all kinds) and the cardinal.  But recently, the hummingbird has taken my fancy.  We have a feeder just outside the window by the kitchen table.  I sit here when I'm on the computer.  I've been watching several hummingbirds all summer, but lately, we've only had one.  The feathers look unkempt and muted in color.  I think this one is trying to fatten up before the long journey to warmer climates.  Some days, the pesky wasps scare off the bird by ganging up on him.  My favorite being bothered by my least favorite of all.  

I can feel fall descending upon us.  Gray skies, cooler temperatures.  Perhaps, that's the reason for my melancholy today.  My husband's father was here the past weekend and we had a lovely time.  Maybe the let-down from having company is responsible, too.  

One thing that cheers me up for sure is travel and planning travel.  I *hope* to make it to Portugal Saturday.  My friend is flying there from France and since I'm back at the airport, I'm going standby.  I'm anxious and excited and hoping the shift trade gets approved so I can fly out Friday night.  I've never been to Portugal but have only heard great things about it.  Fingers crossed.

Yes, I'm working again at the airport.  It's for a different company and a different manager.  She's great, my age and very fair.  She'll thank me as she's heading out for the day and I thank her for being a reasonable boss.  She knows the other guy I used to work for, so she knows it's a real compliment.  

I don't know why, but I really like the airline industry.  The pay is horribly low and I don't know how people really make a go at it.  If my husband didn't have a great job, I would be looking for something else--I would have to.  The health care field is all but nil in this town.  No nuclear med jobs to think of.  A clinic had an opening maybe 6 months ago and I didn't even get an interview.  I've all but given up on getting back into the lucrative field.  Some days I miss it, others not so much.  I still volunteer at the free medical clinic in town and it's gratifying.  But...I'm conflicted.  I feel like I need a break, but feel guilty for feeling that way.  

I'm going to try to blog more often now.  The kids are both in middle school and God knows I've got time on my hands.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, January 26, 2015

"Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me."

If only this were true.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My husband went on a hunting trip last Wednesday.  I've been on my own for a few days.  It has been easier than when the kids were very young, but I've been driving and driving and driving.  They have activities such as tutoring, piano, guitar, and sports.  Today was a very busy, but fun day.  Still, I don't know how single parents keep their sanity.  I'm exhausted.  And lonely.  

So, one of the carriers at the airport is hiring.  I applied and am waiting to hear back.  I don't know if I'm ready for the early mornings but I need to be around people and feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.  I still volunteer but that's about it for getting out and about.  It sucks to be an extrovert sometimes.

I'm missing being around family too.  I enjoyed Christmas break so much.  It was fun to hang out with my sister and her husband.  It was great seeing my parents.  I saw my brother's granddaughters.  Sigh.  I'm working on my attitude on living in the cold north.  As my mom once told me, "Bloom where you're planted."