Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ho hum

I've been in a funk for a couple of days.  It's cold in central PA and the sky is gray.  I think it even snowed a little today.  It's going to be a long winter.

Exercising always seems to help.  As much as I don't like running inside on the treadmill, I feel it's going to be necessary.  I prefer to run outside past the dairy operation and the farm where we got our two cats.  There's an open grate bridge and then some horse stables on my run, too.  I looked forward to the familiar scenery on my runs in the warm weather.  I'm one of those who wishes summer would last forever.  Don't get me wrong, I love spring and fall when each season lasts 3 months (like where I grew up).  But, there isn't much of a spring up here.  And winter is too long.  Last year's winter was never ending and it was so cold.  Even my hardy Northerner husband grew tired of the cold and snow.

What else is on my pea brain?  Not much except I'm busy running my kids around and I love it.  I've learned to love my job of being a mother.  I know that sounds weird, but for years I think I resented being a mother.  A selfish attitude that I'm glad to no longer possess.  Yes, I've had a change and I'm better for it.  There will come a day when I miss these moments of dropping kids off here and there.  The little conversations and questions that crop up in the car.  So, here's to new attitudes.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

There are four things that I love to do:  baking, volunteering, traveling, singing.  No special order, however, traveling is probably the top one. 

Recently, we bought a magazine with a beautiful chocolate dessert on the cover.  I made it and it was yummy.  There was also a chocolate souffle recipe in the magazine, which I made and is pictured above.  It turned out amazing!  My son said I always have good luck with the first try.  I guess I need to make it again to see if it wasn't a fluke.

I volunteer weekly at Centre Volunteers in Medicine.  It's only two weeks but it gives me so much meaning.  I love it.  I love meeting the patients.  I enjoy working with the other volunteers and staff.  I'm lucky to work with a great nurse.  While I think I would like to work full-time, I know I would miss this special place if I did.

I don't know what it is about traveling.  Is it seeing the sights?  Meeting the people?  Eating the food?  The escape from reality?  What ever it is, I love it.  I know longer work at the airport, but it's OK.  It's good to be grounded and I enjoyed the crazy trips while they lasted.  I still have a long list of places I want to go:  Istanbul, Cape Town, Buenos Aires.  I wouldn't mind going to New Zealand again.  We are going to Southern France this summer to see my sister-in-law's vineyard and we will fly to Barcelona and then drive up--thanks to my father-in-law.  I can't wait to show the kids a little bit of Spain. 

And finally, singing.  I have a duet partner and we will do our first official gig this Saturday.  I must be getting nervous because I had a strange dream last night about it.  I really hope we do a good job.  It would be fun to make this thing become a reality (although I will have to learn how to stay up late). 

Monday, February 03, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

I guess it will be another 6 weeks before we see spring.  But I live in the north, so Ground Hog day doesn't really make any difference.  Plus, we know it's just a bunch of bunk.  I'm so ready for heat and sun.  I was lucky enough in January to go to Mexico with my family.  Pete had said we would all do it since I said I gotta go somewhere warm and sunny in January.  I get the winter blahs.  I live in a very cloudy place and it gets to me.

My kids didn't have school today.  I watched one of my son's classmates all day.  It actually worked out since he's a nice kids.  The boys played outside and then played the Wii inside.  My daughter played on the Wii with them.  I had to bribe her to walk the dog a bit.  I didn't go outside at all.  I hope the kids have school tomorrow since they are forecasting another storm on Wednesday and the kids will probably be home again. 

Here's dreaming of Mexico:
We went snorkeling and we all loved it!  Finally, something we all like to do.  We do ride bikes together in the warm weather, but this was the first time we all went snorkeling together.
We had the best weather for our trip.  Tulum was very interesting.  We're already planning on our next trip to Playa del Carmen next year. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm back!  I don't know if I'll keep up on blogging.  I'm not very interesting and I don't do a lot.  One thing--I'm no longer working at the local airport so no more exotic trips.  It's all good, though.  The job had taken over my life and my family lost its priority in my life.  I realize this can't happen and missing the job isn't as prominent as it was when I first quit.  Sure, I'll miss the last minute flights to visit family, but other than that, I won't (and don't ) miss much. 

I'm still busy during the week.  I've joined a Bible Study Fellowship International bible study and it's been just what I needed.  We joined the local YMCA and started rock climbing on their indoor wall.  Another thing that has been good for me and the family.  And I'm still volunteering at Centre Volunteers in Medicine.  It's a charity that is near and dear to my heart.  An organization for under-insured or uninsured Centre county residents.  My sister is a physician and for a couple of years she and her husband were uninsured.  Yep, it can happen to anyone. 

Don't get me wrong.  I still want to work again some day.  I'm such an extrovert and the feeling that I can contribute to this society outside of the house is still there.  I'm waiting.  I'm being patient.  I know the time will come again.  For now, I'm concentrating on making sure the middle schooler gets on the bus on time and that the 4th grader gets to his rock climbing class every week.  And I'm loving it!

Friday, May 10, 2013

This has been an up and down week for me.  I guess being sick hasn't helped.  There is some virus going around town that sneaks up on you in the form of allergies.  But, before you know it, you're feeling awful.  I lost my voice.  Imagine trying to parent when you can't yell!  ;)

So, originally, this weekend we were going to go camping to the Adirondacks.  It is about a 6 hr drive from where we live.  We were going to take the kids out of school today and drive to Ithaca, NY last night.  The place we would be camping was remote and we would have been roughing it.  I'm not a camper by nature.  I checked the forecast and it was for rain.  We did this last year (not on Mother's Day) and it rained.  I survived it and I enjoyed my time.  However, I just could not imagine going all that way for rain again.  And no shower, heat, electricity, etc.  And then a 6 hr drive home on Mother's Day.  Seriously, this seemed more like a Father's Day outing to me.  So, I called my husband at the eleventh hour (I had already packed) and pleaded my case.  I was willing to let him and the kids go without me, too.  He was not happy about it but he listened to my case and actually changed his mind.  I'm so glad I said something.  I'm tired of always going along for things that really don't interest me at all.  It would have been fine some other weekend, just not this one.  

So, he came home from the grocery store and brought me roses.  I was expecting a fight, but got flowers!  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  So, we then went outside as a family looking for morels.  We found some and cooked them up for dinner.  A much better alternative to the camping...

Another thing that happened yesterday was I applied for a physician recruiter position at our local hospital.  I have some contacts there.  We'll see.  It would be good to have a real job again that pays.  And it would be nice to grow professionally.

So, that's it for the week. 

                                                     Morel Cream sauce.  It was delicious!