Sunday, December 26, 2010

I should change my husband's name to "Firestarter." We took down our Christmas tree today because the needles were falling off left and right. So, this afternoon, Pete took the tree outside to burn it. He also burned some other paper stuff.

I don't know exactly what time he started the little fire, but by the time I went outside, our field was burning. There was a ring of fire about the footprint of a small house. The middle had already burned out. I asked him (he was in the garage), "Why are you burning the field?" He said he wasn't but that he was in the garage. I repeated the question and he came out to see what I was talking about. I soon realized he didn't mean to burn the field. We filled buckets and put the little fires out. It's now laughable because we managed to put all the fires out but, seriously, it was a little scary at the time. I wonder what all the passerbyes were thinking?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm excited about Christmas this year. I'm content with not traveling because the kids are in that perfect age of being old enough to enjoy Christmas and yet, young enough, to still believe in Santa. We're in the age of no diapers and wakings in the night. I know this in between will be only a couple of years.

My new job is going fine. I was scheduled to work Christmas morning but a woman is working for me so I can be there with the kids. I have yet to travel using my benefits, but I hope to do so in the next few weeks. One thing I've noticed is how full people pack their bags. I'm sure they think they are the only one stuffing their bags full. Seriously, you would think that all these travelers are going to places without washing machines.

One of my coworkers is a retired school teacher. I think he used to coach, too. He's been dressing up as Santa for years and offered to come to our house for a surprise visit. It went over very well and the kids were shocked. They were asking questions like "where is your sleigh?" and "is it dark at the North Pole this time of year?" It was priceless.

I did get an early present. My husband got me a laptop. He's been using it more than me. I love it!

And to keep with tradition, here is the link for David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries.

I love this and have to listen it every Christmas! Enjoy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I know. I've been totally blowing this blog off. You see, I'm actually busy nowadays and I love it. The new job is three days a week and then doing stuff around the house the other days. It's great. And with it being the Christmas season, I'm totally preoccupied. I actually got some shopping done today. I need one more thing for my mom and then I'll be able to send the box down to Arkansas. It's so nice, we draw names for the adults. I can't imagine how late I would be if I had to buy for more than two people.

This week I got to see an old high school friend. Her mom lives here, so when she comes for a visit, we go to lunch and catch up. She has gone back to school and is getting a Masters in Divinity. She has been really searching all her life for stability and I think she's getting there. We always talk about our different upbringings--mine with my conservative, tea-totaling parents and hers with her hippie parents where her dad was an alcoholic. She claims she is neurotic. I do think I had a boring, but healthy upbringing.

Pete used my flight benefits this week to fly to Boston. He went up for about 24 hrs. His mom is in the dying phase of Alzheimer's and he felt like he needed to see her. He told her good-bye and that it was OK for her to let go and die. I can write about it, but to say it brings tears to my eyes. My friend pointed out that it probably makes me think about losing my own mom. I think she's right.

I really do like this time of year but I'm missing my family a lot right now. I think I get this way every year. I got shopping done today but resented all the other people out there who made the stores crowded. Even the grocery store was crowded at 2:30 in the afternoon! I'm sure something down deep wishes I was shopping with my mom and sister.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I have a cold. Ugh. I'm not surprised. Being totally exhausted from house guests since the day before Thanksgiving until yesterday, I'm a bit worn down. It doesn't help that this farmhouse is tiny and it's been a week of falling all over people and waiting for the bathroom. We seriously need to build the "dream house" soon.

After the second batch of guests left yesterday, Pete and I went out to buy the Wii for the kids. We will wrap it and put it under the tree--once we get a tree. The plan is to find one this weekend.

The airline job is still going OK. We will bid on our schedules after the holidays and then I'll have a set schedule for 6 months. I'm a little anxious not knowing what the schedule will be. I go between wanting to quit so I am in control on the schedule to being glad I have a place to go while the kids are in school. It's definitely one of those "you can't have it all" moments. I'm sure it will make it worth while when I start taking trips for free. Pete wants to go to Paris next month with the kids. I sure hope it works out.