Friday, July 31, 2009

Good day!

Clayton's appointment went well. Apart from us being there two hours, that is. It looks like the artery is growing with him so the doctor was happy with that. It looked better than last year's echocardiogram.

It rained all day. Ugh! The garden is going crazy and the temperature has been cool. Last night, Pete was really hot and insisted we turn on the air. Usually, he makes fun of me when I complain it's too hot. Hmmm. Funny, how things are different when it involves the man being uncomfortable.

So today was the last day of the kids' art camp at the university. There was a reception with all the works displayed. We both went to see the art and the kids were very proud (as so were we). Kendall made a self portrait that was really good! Clayton was in the pottery/clay class and made some fun things. The best thing he made was a small colander. Yes, my five year old son made a colander. The teachers thought he was hilarious and they never knew what he would make next.

Kendall--a self portrait

a little Jackson Pollack action

After the reception, I had to run to the grocery store. I was in the mood for poached salmon. Friday is a good day to buy fish at Wegman's. Anyway, the dinner was yummy and the hubby scarfed it up. Clayton ate the salmon, too. Kendall had some Chinese food I bought at the grocery store. Oh well.

I ended up buying some roses at the store. I was just happy and thought the flowers would be a nice touch to dinner. BTW, I'm loving the new dishes from IKEA. I just feel like cooking and setting a pretty table every night. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had a great day today. Seems like I'm getting more organized in the house with the kids in art camp for half a day. Gosh, to think that in September, I'll have the house all to myself during the day. Lookout! I may paint the whole house before Christmas. Yeah, right.

Tomorrow, Clayton has his annual cardiology appointment to check the left pulmonary artery stenosis. I hope it's no worse (which means no intervention). Kendall will go to a friends for the morning because it would be very boring for her to wait around the doctor's office with us. The pediatric cardiologist always runs late. He is a very nice guy, however, so it's hard to be grumpy with him. I've been very lucky with my kids and doctors. For the most part, my kids are very cooperative when it comes to other adults in charge.

I better go to bed for now and get some rest. Tomorrow is my last afternoon of no kids. I keep thinking I will nap in the afternoon but I always find things to do.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OK, I can be opinionated sometimes...

This is not a political blog, but occasionally, I will post something that has to do with what's going on up at the hill. Today, I was listening to NPR when I heard that Sotomayor was confirmed for the Supreme Court. I'll be honest, I haven't kept up with her credentials or anything, so I don't have an opinion whether or not she's qualified. Plus, I'm not a lawyer so what the heck do I really know about law? Anyhoo, I can't believe that only one Republican senator confirmed Sotomayor. That is shameful. Only one broke with party lines and it was Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. I get so sick of the politicians that I could scream. I'm sick of the partisan politics. It's time they work together. And the party wonders why people are leaving. Hello? You act like a bunch of toddlers up there all trying to get your way and forgetting why you are there! Grow up! Please don't make me register as a Democrat! Come on, Republicans in Washington. It's time to represent most of the people in your party and not the way too far conservative. OK, moving on.

You know that my kids are taking private swim lessons right now. Well, I'm so proud of both of them, but Kendall really took the cake today. She finally has got it. She was swimming and swimming and floating and treading. It was great. Clayton is still trying to put things together. He likes to splash. OK, it's not that efficient, but I'm sure he hasn't figured that out yet.

And tonight, I made a peach cobbler for dessert. It was pretty darn good, if I have to say so myself. I think this is one of my faves when it comes to dessert. I like it with some vanilla ice cream. Oh, and I bought some new dishes while I was in DC this past weekend. I just love IKEA and wish there was one in my town. Anyway, I got plain white dishes and I just love them. Yep, I'm in love with my new dishes.
I made a Caprese salad and I thought it looked so beautiful with the white plate. Traditionally, it is with red tomatoes but I thought the orange tomatoes were pretty. The salad has the colors of the Italian flag when you use red tomatoes. (Red, white, green).

Happy evening, y'all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

The kids have been in art camp this week. It's an afternoon camp from 1 to 4 pm. The first few days were spent running errands during that time. Today, I decided to come back home and do stuff around the house. It was really nice being in a quiet house, with the exception of the puppy sticking her nose in my rear end every time I turn around. In fairness to her, I was preparing a broccoli salad to go with dinner and I think she was trying to snag some food. But, after a while, it does get old. Anyway, time flies by.

The weather has been pretty crappy here, too. I really need some sunshine. It seems like it rains every day or every other day. One is not supposed to wear a long sleeve shirt in summer! And I'm so pasty white, it's embarrassing. Part of that is because I was on some medicine that makes me sensitive to sunlight and the fact that there hasn't been sunlight here.

Well, I need to do some packing. The kids and I are heading to DC to see an old high school friend and her kids this weekend. We always have a good time there. Pete will take care of the dogs and cat and hopefully build a tree house for the kiddos. He was going to go with us but is doing some sort of interview on the Penn State radio and won't get done until later on Friday afternoon. So, we're heading out without him.

And speaking of trips. Did I mention that I'm going to Paris in September? My sister and her husband rented an apartment for a few days and I'm staying with them for a bit. Yeehaw. I can't wait to do the touristy thing in Paris. I went with my in-laws once, and I hardly saw anything that a tourist would enjoy. My husband has been there several times and wouldn't let me go up the Eiffel Tower! So, my sister and I are planning on doing all that neat stuff. Heck, I might even wear white sneakers and talk really loud, too. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend and such

I'm trying to catch up around here. Gosh, I used to think I wanted to be a host for a travel show on the Travel Channel, but with all the trips lately, I'm rethinking that plan.

We went to Ithaca, New York and Seneca Falls, New York this past weekend. Pete was there for the week and the kids and I went up on Thursday. We stayed with some friends the first night. The kids played well with the other kids and on Friday, we went to the Science Center in Ithaca. On the way there we saw some Mallard hens with their babies. It was sweet.

For the rest of the trip we stayed on Cayuga Lake. We have some friends who have a little farm on the lake. I hardly saw my kids all weekend. There's so much to do on a farm and the kids had a good time.

Saturday night there was a cookout down by the lake. All the dogs were jumping in the lake and some of the kids got to go out on the boat. It was a good time minus the mosquito bites!

We came back Sunday evening to get ready for the week. My kids are going to a two week art camp at Penn State. They liked the first day. I signed them up for afternoons only so I can work on being a lazy butt in the mornings (after all, it is summer). I do hope I don't waste all this free time and accomplish some stuff around the house. Oh, I do need a fire lit under me sometimes.

Lilly enjoying Cayuga Lake
Artemis, Lilly's momma, cuddling with me

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pete and I got married 8 years ago today, July 14, 2001. We got married in his sister's house in New York City. It was magical. We had just friends and family and catered some food for dinner after the ceremony. The one thing that wasn't perfect was the pianist we hired forgot to bring a song that I wanted. I don't even remember what I wanted or what he played, so it wasn't very important, I guess. We've been told we need to have a screenplay written about how we met, but that hasn't happened just yet.

Today, my kids asked me how you know it's the one you're supposed to marry. And they are almost 7 and 5! Heavy stuff for little kids. The first thing I mentioned was that the person treats you nice. And you get butterflies and are attracted to him/her. And you need to have some of the same goals. I'll go into it more when they are older, but it was sweet reflecting on the reasons I fell in love with Pete.

One of the things we have in common is our love for other cultures. While Pete has traveled from a very young age, I only started in my early twenties. We enjoy getting away with just the two of us as well as introducing other countries to our children. One hope I have is to live in another country one day, if only for a year. I don't think Pete feels it's as important, but I can always hope. He's already done it, I should say.

One thing that's great about traveling is picking up some meaningful souvenirs. My favorite object from New Zealand is the stylized fish hook necklace, Hei Matau. (*It represents not only the Maori land, but also prosperity, fertility and safe passage over water. The fish hooks also denote the importance of fishing to Māori, and their relationship to Tangaroa god of the sea.) I was told it's also for health. My necklace is made from Jade. In New Zealand, they call it Greenstone.

So, happy anniversary, Pete. I love you.

*taken from Wikipedia

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures from Arts Fest

This past weekend was the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. The weather was nice for most of it. I took the kids down town on Kids' Day with a friend and her sons. Pete, the kids and I made it down Friday night to hear one of my favorite local bands, Ted McCloskey and the Hi-fis. There I was dragging the kids down there to hear an indie rock band. Sand sculpture

View of College Avenue in State College, Pa.
I bought a purse Sunday and the kids got some wooden toys. The best thing we saw all weekend was a booth with original fish rubbings. We didn't have a place in mind to put one, so we didn't buy one. This is definitely the most fun around here all year.

Pictures from Arts Fest

Saturday, July 11, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

This story was featured on NPR yesterday. I'm sure some can relate. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and thought I would pass it on.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Looking like a beautiful week...

It's looking like the weather here is going to be nice for the next few days. I'm so glad since it's the week for the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. In my opinion, this is the best week throughout the year in this otherwise much dominated by Penn State college town.

Tonight, we might be going out to dinner with a couple who is moving out of town. They are from the upper Midwest and he got a job closer to family. They want to take us out. I just need to get a baby sitter. We'll see if it works out. I'm really missing our college baby sitter while she is home for the summer. If I could clone her, I would.

And this afternoon my kids will start their swim lessons. I've arranged for private lessons hoping that they learn faster and then I won't have to pay for lessons as long. Fingers crossed that the little guy gets it. Kendall is coming along and spending time at Bull Shoals really made a difference in her confidence level.

So, happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Good trip

We made it back on Sunday. Phew! It was a long drive but the kids did great. Pete drove the whole way. We stopped half way at a hotel and the kids and Pete went swimming. The kids love staying at a hotel. It's so funny. I love it because I'm so tired by the time we get to one that I can't wait to sleep.

Arkansas was wonderful. I saw some old friends, went swimming in Bull Shoals lake, saw fireworks, went horseback riding, ate barbeque and enjoyed the warm temperatures and sunshine.

This was a very yummy watermelon

Cowboy Steve

Kendall on Bull Shoals lake with the sunset behind her

Dana, my best friend from high school
One of my sister's new kittens

It's good to be back but I wished my family wasn't so far away.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Just checking in...

Hey folks I'm having a great time with the family in Arkansas. I got to have lunch with some old friends the other day and now we're trying to put together a little trip in New York sometime in the next year. It was super hot when we first arrived with temps around 100 F. It's better now in the mid to upper 80s. Planning on horseback riding tomorrow and going to the lake with my sister and her husband. The weather has been great with a freaky thunderstorm on Tuesday. There was thunder, lightening and hail. The hail was the size of a nickel! I've been eating barbeque pork (yummy) and had some donuts for breakfast the first couple of days we arrived.

Well, better go take the kids to the city pool to cool off some. See ya!