Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy 95th Birthday, Nana!

Pete's grandmother will turn 95 tomorrow. I think it is so cool that my kids have a great-grandmother. She is Nana to everybody. We went to Boston this past weekend for her birthday party. It was at the Rialto at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She wanted only close family and her best friend, Helen, who is 95 also along with Helen's daughter.

Here is Clayton looking cute as ever (if I have to say so myself!)

Pictured here are Anne (Pete's sister), Nana, the chef and owner, and Julie (Pete's cousin).
It was a quick trip up there. We left Friday and arrived around 9:30 pm. Saturday we visited Nana at her apartment. She was anxious about the big party. We then had lunch back at my in law's house. Then around 3 pm, Pete's sister and her family arrived from NYC. Here are the great-grandchildren before the party.
Here are Dorothy, Helen and Anne.
Here are Nana with her four grandchildren.
And here I am with Pete and his cousin, Julie with Tom (Anne's husband) in the background.


Auburn Kat said...

Great pics! Those kids of yours are just adorable!

Blaez said...

Joe's mom is having a birthday party next year for her his grandma. I can't remember what age she'll be but its between 80&90. that's really awesome your Nana is 95!