Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sleepy head...

I'm tired today. My daughter woke me up last night to tell me she had thrown up. Ugh. Not something you want to wake up to, especially when you were in a deep, satisfying sleep. So, I got up and cleaned her up. Thirty minutes later, she was sound asleep. I kept her home today from school. Now, she wants to play with someone or go shopping. At times like this, I am my mother. If you are too sick to go to school, you are too sick to play with kids or do fun things. Besides, what parent would let their child come over to our house if they knew that one of my kids had thrown up last night? So, this morning is a glimpse of summer. We're in our PJs and I'm jumping through breakfast hoops. I think I need to down another cup of coffee before I start feeling human again. (and don't forget doing the yucky laundry).

Speaking of kids staying home from school. Tomorrow is Kendall's last day of 1st grade. I can still remember my first grade somewhat. I was called Kelly Ann because there were two Kellys and the teacher needed to make it easy on her. I hated being called that. And the teacher was really old (or so it seemed). My best friend's name was Amy and all the boys liked her.

My summers never seemed very scheduled. We would sleep in, watch TV, play with neighbors and do our chores about 10 minutes before my mom was due home from work. My dad had an office in our home. This summer is turning out to be scheduled. At least, I have things to look forward to like going to see my family in Arkansas, going to see my HS friend in DC, going to see friends in Ithaca, NY, and spending time with Pete's family in Maine. I'm sure it will fly by. Summer always seems to go too fast.

So, today I will try to keep the peace between the children, make a dessert for the end of year party tomorrow, and tidy the house. Oh, and I must clean the litter box, too. The excitement is sometimes more than I can stand. So, happy Wednesday everyone.

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Fishwhiskers said...

Well, Thursday now and weekend is almost upon us ... so have a happy weekend, Kelly :) xx