Sunday, September 20, 2009

France-Day 1

View from our apartment on the street below

I arrived to Paris on Sunday, Sept. 6. My flight was about two hours earlier than Kim's flight so I
waited at the airport for her and her husband, Alan. I found their gate and waited with all the other people. Once they collected their bags, we found a taxi and headed into Paris.

The weather was perfect. A sunny, crisp-cool day in September. The taxi dropped us off at the apartment. We dropped off our bags and we were off to look for a place for lunch. On our walk we stopped on the bridge for a photo op. Some guy from Manhattan offered to take our picture together. Notre Dame is in the background.

We found a cafe on the corner and sat down outside for lunch. I was famished. I had a Nicoise salad and it hit the spot. The cafe's dog kept coming around. He was a sweet pup.

After lunch, we wandered over to the Jardin du Luxembourg. It's a lovely park on the Left Bank. On Sunday it's crowded with students and families. The kids were sailing the little boats around the pool. Of course, on the way to the park, I saw lovely storefronts. Some shops were closed, but many (to my surprise) were open. I could not believe my eyes when I saw all the different cheeses.

sitting by the water in the Jardin du Luxembourg
Day 1 ended with some cheese and a baguette for dinner. It was wonderful. I had to keep pinching myself to actually believe I was there!

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