Saturday, June 05, 2010

We have a bird who has set up house in our garage. She built her nest on top of the motor to the garage door opener. We now leave a garage door open so she can come and go as she pleases.

Friday was the Field Day at my kids' school. There were different stations set up with little games to play. The kids were free to pick what task they wanted to complete. The weather cooperated which isn't always the case in central Pennsylvania. I started out at the "American Idol" booth. It was a CD player with a CD and some pop songs on it. The kids had a microphone
and they would sing along to a song. It was a little lame but fun when the kids would pick a song with a beat. At one time there were about 20 kids doing some kind of Cha-cha thing. I was doing it, too, along with the gym teacher. The gym teacher put the whole thing together and she did a great job.

Saturday, Kendall had her last soccer game for the spring. She has been under the weather a bit this week so her energy levels weren't very good. She seems to still like soccer, if only for the social aspect of it. Tomorrow is Clayton's last soccer game.

I also went for a run this morning. I'm up to 45 minutes now for my run. I don't really push myself so it's only a little over a 5K. I did increase my speed a bit halfway through my run today when it started raining on me. It wasn't a hard rain so I survived. My husband said that Clayton wanted to go pick me up. He's so sweet. My legs are a little tired today but it definitely feels good to be "back in the saddle," so to speak.

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