Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy Busy...

I will get back to my Barcelona stories soon but for now, I'm packing for our big move. Yep, we are moving 4 miles away to 23.77 acres!

Pete was gone to China for 11 days and I packed some then. But, I was mostly just trying to stay afloat with two kids and after school activities. Oy!

And amidst all of that, I applied for a job in a totally different industry than what I'm in now. As long as the background checks come out all right, I'll be training in a new job. I'm so excited!!!

So, I'll write later after we move. The big move is Sunday but we are slowly getting boxes out now.


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Blaez said...

oh i'm jealous now!!! i can only image all the awesome things you could do with that much land!! can we say "FARM"!!! lol i'd have all my dream animals ;) congratulations!!