Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment

So, in keeping with American Idol's theme this week before each contestant sings, I will tell you about my most embarrassing moment. Uh, other than admitting that I watch AI, that is.

It was around 1997, and I was living in Wisconsin. There was a little ski mountain near by and we had just had a humongous snow storm. I had made reservations at the ski area for the weekend, so I was really excited about the timing of the huge snowfall. So, I'm standing in line for the ski lift. It's my turn. I scooch up to my spot and everyone is talking and having a good time while they wait for their turn. When I turn around to look behind me, I notice that I need to move over a tad. While trying to move over, I stepped on my left ski with my right ski and lost my balance just as the lift came up behind me. In a spit second I was up in the air and then down on my stomach--legs and arms sprawled out. I had snow on my chin and one of the skis popped off. The silence was deafening. You could hear a pin drop. The ski lift operator came over and helped me up and asked me if I wanted to go up. "Oh, you bet I do," I thought. There was no way I was going to turn around and face that crowd.

So, what is your most embarrassing moment?


Auburn Kat said...

Gosh, that's a hard one! Hmmm, prob when I was in college and I fell going up a set of stairs in front of a guy who I did not get along with at all.

Katrin said...

I am good at forgetting such moments. Maybe I was so clumsy as a child/teenager that remembering all those times I embarrassed myself would've brought me straight into therapy. :)