Friday, August 29, 2008

Nothing exciting, just griping a bit.

I'm grumpy today. I think it's just the PMS stuff--at least I hope it is. That moody crap usually lasts just a few days. (I'm sure my husband would disagree with me). And who knew a puppy could be a strain on a marriage? It seems that I can't do anything right when it comes to the pup. The first day that I was home during the day and she peed 4 times in the kitchen. Never mind, it was raining outside and I couldn't figure out how to get her outside to pee. So, of course, her regressing is all my fault. I am definitely a cat person. I like a pet that does not expect me to know what I'm doing or care. Show them the litter box and where the food is and there you go--they're trained.

The sister in law called and they left NYC around 7:30 pm. She said they might get a hotel half way and come in the morning. It is only a 4.5 hr trip. Interesting.

OK. Better go and put the kids to bed. It is going to be a rough week next week since they are staying up until 9:30 pm and sleeping in until 9 am. I guess they will get used to it quickly next week.


Auburn Kat said...

Hopefully you are in a better mood by now!

jamie said...

I was grumpy today, too. Bleh. This whole work thing after a long weekend has me quite worn out. I'm so over it. Too bad it's only just begun! :)

Thomas said...

Are things looking up?

Kelly said...

Yes, Thomas. Thanks for asking.