Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun Weekend

I love having house guests. And to go to the football game, too, made this weekend a nice one. Pete's old friends from school (he's known one from even high school) made the trip to Happy Valley this weekend. Chris and Anh Schluep and Mike Skoglund arrived Saturday afternoon. The traffic was heavy coming into town so they arrived later than they had planned. We did make it to kick-off, however.
It was snowing at the beginning of the game. Above, they are using leaf blowers to move the snow during a time out. This is something that one must only see in the north! HA!

It was so cold! The lady next to me gave me some hand/toe warmers. I stuck them in my shoes because my toes were numb! We had great seats--on the 45 yard line.

This picture was taken right after Penn State won . They are Big 10 champs. I think I am still thawing!


Auburn Kat said...

You mean they don't do that in Fayetteville at the Arkansas games??? =)

It snowed and snowed and snowed last night at home! I've discovered I need new tires so I can get better traction in the snow=(

Thomas said...

I never even saw snow until I was 25.

Cheryl Wray said...

Those pictures are SO great!!!! The first one of you guys next to JoePa is especially great!

Congrats on the Big 10 win!!! That's great!

We are still holding onto #1 and have our big rivalry game this weekend...then onto the SEC championship game against Florida. I love it!!!

And wow...Snow!!!