Sunday, August 09, 2009

I have been MIA from this blog lately. It seems like I've been so busy and don't have the time to sit down and put together something worth telling.

Let me think if there is anything that would interest someone out there....
I guess I'll have to tell you what's been going on even though it's not that interesting.

I found out that the most wonderful kindergarten teacher who Kendall had will not be coming back to school. Therefore, we don't know who will be the kindergarten teacher for Clayton. The few moms with whom I've spoken are just sick about it. Of course, the school is leaving us in the dark.

I had a job interview last week. I've been talking with a guy regarding job that looks like it's going to fall through. He told me about another job. It would work with my family except for Christmas and summer, but otherwise the hours would be good. Three weeks vacation, seven holidays and OK pay. Salary, but no nights or weekends.

My niece, who is 30, had a baby August 5. My brother is 11 years older than I and she's his
daughter. She had a girl. I hope all will be well with them.

Kendall and Clayton slept at a friends house Wednesday night. Pete and I went out for dinner and then looked at cars. We are taking advantage of the "cash for clunkers" program. We're getting a new Subaru Outback. It will be a total luxury to have two automobiles with less than 50,000 miles on them each. The clunker is Pete's 1998 Ford F-150. It's on its last leg. Oh, and it's a real clunker!

And the big thing that happened this week is we finally confirmed what animal has been knocking our trash cans over at night and making a huge mess: A big, fat raccoon! I was certain it was a bear (so much more impressive to tell friends), but Pete saw the animal in the middle of the night. No doubt, the raccoon is well fed.

Well, I hope everyone out there (all three of you) is doing great!


Auburn Kat said...

I've been neglecting my blog laltely.... I've just been sooo busy!

It sounds like you have been having a good summer! Congrats on getting a new car!

Beth said...

I've been neglecting my own blog and not reading all my usual ones. But I plan to catch up on everything when the summer holiday is over.

Sound slike hings are going pretty well for you. Congrats on the new baby (for niece)and new car (for you and dh) Low mileage rocks my world!

Diane said...

I have opposite problem - I think Jamie will have his same teacher next term - she is a very nice lady, but a terrible teacher -no authority - and Jamie NEEDS authority. But they won't tell us till they restart school.

Thomas said...

Or four of us.

Blaez said...

make that 5 of us!!

i've been missing in action because of my surgery.

i am soooo thrilled that you are doing great!! and its always nice to hear wonderful "everyday" news :)