Friday, July 31, 2009

Good day!

Clayton's appointment went well. Apart from us being there two hours, that is. It looks like the artery is growing with him so the doctor was happy with that. It looked better than last year's echocardiogram.

It rained all day. Ugh! The garden is going crazy and the temperature has been cool. Last night, Pete was really hot and insisted we turn on the air. Usually, he makes fun of me when I complain it's too hot. Hmmm. Funny, how things are different when it involves the man being uncomfortable.

So today was the last day of the kids' art camp at the university. There was a reception with all the works displayed. We both went to see the art and the kids were very proud (as so were we). Kendall made a self portrait that was really good! Clayton was in the pottery/clay class and made some fun things. The best thing he made was a small colander. Yes, my five year old son made a colander. The teachers thought he was hilarious and they never knew what he would make next.

Kendall--a self portrait

a little Jackson Pollack action

After the reception, I had to run to the grocery store. I was in the mood for poached salmon. Friday is a good day to buy fish at Wegman's. Anyway, the dinner was yummy and the hubby scarfed it up. Clayton ate the salmon, too. Kendall had some Chinese food I bought at the grocery store. Oh well.

I ended up buying some roses at the store. I was just happy and thought the flowers would be a nice touch to dinner. BTW, I'm loving the new dishes from IKEA. I just feel like cooking and setting a pretty table every night. :)

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