Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Weekend

We had a busy, fun weekend. It started Friday night with me going to the movies with some friends. We saw The Blind Side at the dollar theater. It was a good movie.

Saturday night we had dinner with some friends whose youngest kids are the same age as ours. It's always nice when you can find friends where the husbands get along and the kids and wives get along. It doesn't happen often.

Sunday, the kids and I went to church. Pete was tired from being up with the dog all night. It seems Lilly has eaten something that is upsetting her stomach. Ugh. We've been coming home to some stinky messes. She'll drive me to drink for sure. Anyway, Pete took the morning off, but painted the tree house Sunday afternoon.

Sunday evening we went to another friends for dinner. This family has known Pete for about 20 years. The man was Pete's advisor for his PhD and they have been like Pete's family since then. Anyway, they moved to the area a few years back and our kids love their older kids. This family has 5 acres and a pond. They have a lot of amimals--horses, chickens, a dog, a cat, a goat, a sheep and now a little lamb. She was born two weeks ago and her momma doesn't have enough milk so they have taken her in.

The kids also went fishing on the pond and caught a lot of fish. Pete's going to cook some up tonight.

Well, the house is a mess and it's a good day to tidy up since it might rain all day.


Beth said...

Awwww! Too cute! I LOVE the lamb!!

Auburn Kat said...

Hi stranger! Sorry I've been a bad blogging buddy lately, I just haven't been in the mood to blog at all. Hopefully I can get back on track, but who knows if I will.

Love the tree house!!!