Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This morning the three of us got out the door on time! I had to be somewhere at 8:30 and then on to my training at the airport at 10. I had made Clayton "team leader" for the morning which meant I only had one child to motivate. He enjoyed his new found power telling me to put my shoes on, brush my teeth, etc. Geesh. Now, I know what I sound like in the morning.

So, the kids got to school and then I went to Centre Volunteers in Medicine. Tuesday morning is my time to volunteer as a phlebotomist for 3 hrs. But, today was going to be a little different. I am supposed to train from 10-2 everyday this week at the airport but today they called and canceled. I'll be honest, it was a relief. The nurse at the clinic was a little nervous taking care of the last two patients on my schedule. I'm so glad it worked out.

The trainer canceled because some big wig with the TSA showed up today and none of the new hires have their badges---so she felt like we should not be there. So, after volunteering I had my tires rotated and balanced at Sam's and shopped at Wal-Mart while I waited. I bought a little radio with an iPod dock.

I should be running outside and enjoying this weather but I opted for a little writing instead.
I should vote, too, but I'm not excited about anyone. I just haven't decided if it's worth it this year...

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