Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bitchin' and morels

Have you ever had so much to say and you don't know where to start? I know I must stop bitching at work. No matter how stupid things are or how stupid people are, for that matter. Or lazy. I think the lazy part really drives me crazy. I'm determined to stick it out in the blue collar job (first one and what a shock!) because I love the idea of hopping on a plane and flying for free. The talk did go well with my boss regarding the sexism from him. He even admitted to being a chauvinist 25 years ago but claims he's a changed man. (I've got news for him--he's still one.). Anyway, he apologized and has been much better recently. I'm sure his boss informed him that his behavior was totally illegal and he could lose him job over it. He has stopped yelling at us, too. I'm still mostly in the back loading the bags and tagging the planeside bags, but at least my biceps are looking hot! I'm happiest at the counter interacting with the public. I guess 17 years of direct patient care prepares one for dealing with people. I actually love the face to face part of the job. My wish is that someone will recognize my skill in that part and put it to work. Seriously, how hard is it to be nice to people?

As you can see from the pictures, we have some morels mushrooms nearby. My husband found these on the farm across the road. I think he found them at the base of an apple tree. They were good, too. Very earthy. The worst part is getting rid of the little bugs in them. That's some protein I can do without!

I should stop writing now. My parents are coming tomorrow and this house is a wreck. They are coming up for my son's 7th birthday on Saturday. Such a fun age my kids are now.

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