Sunday, December 04, 2011

(De) Ice, Ice Baby

I worked Saturday starting at 5 am. I used to work every Saturday but I was just working for someone who had worked for me earlier in the week. Anyway, it's starting to be cold in the mornings and the airplanes have frost on them. So, it meant that I got to drive the de-ice truck for the 6 am departures and I actually de-iced a plane at 8 am. It wasn't too bad, really. I can't say I want to do it all the time, but now the mystery is gone. Now, some of the old timers can shut up, too.

Christmas is coming up and I haven't started shopping AT ALL. I am so lame. But, part of me is so tired of the buy, buy, buy culture of Christmas. It is so over the top and totally misses the point of the holiday. Seriously, I wish we could just participate in the Heifer Project International and be done with it. But, my kids are 9 and 7 so that would be extreme the other way. Sigh.

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