Friday, December 16, 2011

My mom was here for almost a week. While our little farm house is, er, little, we still had a nice time. Pete was away and that's why my mom came up. I had to work a couple of days and the sitter had finals. We even got to Christmas shop, to boot! Kendall sang in her first concert at school. My mom decided to stay an extra day so she could watch Kendall. It was so good to have her here.

I'm still not ready for Christmas. I'm just not creative at buying presents. The kids both got iPads from Pete's dad so how can we top that? The iPads came last week and we let the kids have them early. Still, I need to get out there and buy some more things for the kids. (not really-like so many kids in America, my kids have way too much stuff and take it for granted).

I guess I should get off this computer and finish putting ornaments on the tree. It looks nice from a distance because we do have lights. I'm not sure where all our Christmas decorations are, though. I wish I could find my Nativity. Sigh.


Char said...

Hi Kelly! Did you have a good Christmas? I'd love to see some pics. (Especially some more of your fatcat Midnight!)

Kelly said...

Yes, I did have a good Christmas. It's the best time of the year.