Thursday, March 29, 2012


Dogs are smart. And jealous, it turns out. The other day my husband was responding to the cat's meow by sitting down and petting her. She crawled up into his lap and started to purr. The dog immediately got off the couch and came over to investigate. The cat quickly scampered off and the dog decided to curl up on my husband's lap--never mind, the dog is 50 lbs. So, my husband began to love on her to let her know she's important. All was right in the world for Lilly. Soon, the kids and my husband left for school and work and I walked over to the living room. The dog was curled up on one side of the couch. I started to straighten out some towels that I had put on the couch for the dog to lie on when I discovered they were wet. I noticed a round, wet spot on the couch, too. I smelled it and, sure enough, it was pee! The dog has peed on the couch! This was her way of getting back at my husband for loving on the cat. You see, at night my husband lies on the couch and watches TV. Argghhh! (of course, I'm the one who gets to clean it up). So, when the dog is mad at me, she pees on the bed. Yeah, she's smart. Stinkin' dog.

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