Friday, March 23, 2012

The weather in Central Pennsylvania has been marvelous. I worked yesterday for a coworker who went to Amsterdam for a few days. I actually changed into shorts it was so nice! Freaky weather. I love hearing the birds outside my window. Ahhhhhh...

It's been an exciting week at the farm. The excavators came and dug the pond. It will probably take a year for it to fill up, but once it's full, we'll have a pond. Pete's dream is coming to a reality. Last week, we had a fence installed over half an acre to protect the vines (once they're put in). We figure it will be difficult enough to grow grapes without competing with the deer.

Now, if we could only start on building the house. That will have to wait. And I know that while I can't stand the house I'm in, there are so many more people who have much less. I am grateful for a roof over my head. But, still...

As promised, a few more pictures. Here is a woman at a temple in Taipei. She would ask a question then throw these crescent-shaped tiles and see how they land for the answer. The other picture the three of us in Democracy Square in Taipei. It was so bright and hazy we had a hard time seeing. It doesn't seem real that we were there.

Happy Friday!

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