Friday, November 16, 2012

Our sweet kitty, Midnight was buried today.  I had to have her put down yesterday at the vet's office.  She had stopped eating, drinking and using the bathroom.  I think by the time we realized she was sick, it was too late.  The vet opened her up and she had swallowed a thread.  It was wrapped around the base of her tongue and had made it through the small intestine to the colon.  It managed to cut her SI in several places--beyond repair.  The vet called me and I returned to say my goodbyes.  She was only 14 months old.  Precious kitty.

And all this happened while my husband was away.  

So, the week was kind of busy.  But, we made it.  We'll go look for a kitty tomorrow.  I've got to have a cat.  My kids need a cat, too.  We definitely can feel a void right now. 

We buried her in the box pictured above.  Kendall had made a bed out of a shoe box and Midnight took to it right away.  Such a special cat!


Char said...

I have been thinking of you so much, through this past week, and saw the news on your Facebook, but just couldn't quite find the time to hop on over to you blog. I'm so saddened to hear this news, but SO excited about Oreo and I don't remember Oreo's sibling's name. Doe. I'm with you - I need to always have a cat in the house. Then it's home.

Marisa said...

Somehow I missed this... :( I lost my black kitty last year and when we tried to "replace" him with my brother's cat, that cat died too. Now we just have our old cat, Sonny. Randy says no more pets after him. I don't know.