Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random questions from Cheryl

In honor of Cheryl's oldest daughter getting her license, I am doing her random post.

(1) When did you get your license and what was the first car you drove? I got my license when I was 16. I drove my mom's Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It was huge and I could hardly see over the steering wheel, especially when I was cresting one of the big hills in Fayetteville.
(2) Ever had a wreck? Yes. I was 17. I was driving too fast on a curvy, narrow road. I met a car and swerved. I hit a tree and the car flipped end over end. I walked away from it. God wasn't ready for me yet.
(3) Honest now... how many speeding tickets? I have never had a speeding ticket, but rather, a warning.
(4) How much are you paying for gas right now? The "cheap" gas is $3.29/gallon in State College, PA.
(5) What would be your Dream Car now? I like the new Austin Minis.
(6) Favorite road trip you've gone on? I drove to Colorado with a boyfriend one time. We stopped in South Dakota and saw some buffalo. Once we got to Colorado, we stayed with his Aunt. I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains!
(7) Road trip you'd love to make? I would love to go to the Grand Canyon.
(8) Ever gone "parking"? Of course.
(9) Ever done the Chinese fire drill? I don't think so.
(10) Any other "crazy" car-themed activity you want to share? I used to ride around with a friend who had a little convertible. He would drive my boyfriend and me around. I sat in the back and my hair would get all messy. It was so much fun.

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Auburn Kat said...

LOL! That's funny that you couldn't see over the steering wheel!