Sunday, April 05, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

This weekend was busy for me. What that really means is that I actually had some things planned. I usually prefer to just wake up on a Saturday and not have a clue what we're going to do. However, the local high school thespians put on "Beauty and the Beast" this weekend and last weekend. It was professional. It was really good. I took Kendall to the matinee on Saturday.

Cogsworth and Madame Grande La Bouche

The Prince and Belle.

Babette and Luniniere
The entire show was put on by the high school students. They made all the costumes, the orchestra was from the high school, the lighting was done by the students. The really neat thing was that after the show, if you made a donation, the kids got to get their pictures with the cast. The cast was very gracious.

I was a little frustrated with the people in front of us. They had small kids and it would have been best if they had gotten a baby sitter. The one child was old enough to be scared when the lighting went down and the Beast showed up. They had to take her out for a while. Which meant they were up and down and up and down. I realize it was just a high school production but still it would have been nice if people exercised some theater etiquette. Oh well. At least it wasn't an expensive Broadway Show. My hope is that by the time I take my kids to Broadway, they will know how to act.

On Sunday, we made it to church! It's been a few weeks. :) Then, I took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt at Clayton's preschool. The weather couldn't have been better. I'm so ready for sun and blue skies every day!

Mrs. Potts and Chip


Blaez said...

ah! that is one of my most fave princess stories when i was growing up. how awesome that Kendall got to see this!

Auburn Kat said...

I can remember going to all of the high school plays they put on in my high school.

She is getting so big!

Beth said...

The play looks like it was fun. The high schoolers did an impressive job on those sets and costumes.

And Kendall just GLOWS in the photos. That is one very happy little girl!