Monday, April 27, 2009

Signs of spring

At last, spring has arrived to central Pennsylvania. The flowers are finally blooming and this last weekend was warm and sunny. Nothing like some sunshine to lift one's spirits. I was very lax last week on the blogging front with soccer starting for both kids, I've gotten a little behind.

In one week, my husband and I are flying to New Zealand. I can't believe it's coming up so fast. We have friends that live there and my husband is doing some research. He will get to stay for 3 weeks while I stay for about a week. My mom will be staying with the kids while I'm galavanting cruise for us and we might get to go to around the
South Island. Our hosts have planned aStewart Island.


Morels in the yard

pretty flowers

Morels in the yard

The best part of spring

I spoke with my brother this weekend. He's dating someone. He said he was happy and they are thinking of marriage. He's not going to bother telling his ex-wife. I don't blame him there. She was the one that wanted out of the marriage, anyway.

So, that's it for now. Kendall has soccer tonight and I will try to get some pictures. She loves it. It's great to see her participate in a team sport. She's not the fastest but she plays with vigor!


Blaez said...

this weekend we're going to work on our little flower garden in front of the house. its the only thing we can work on b/c of the association. damn them!!

saturday it was 85 when we woke up, got dressed to go to a bbq then it started storming on our way there and by the time we left thier house it was 40 degrees!! 45 drop in 4 hours. and my ass wore shorts! omigods i was cold!

love your flowers :)

Beth said...

The trip sounds great!

And colorized Springtime Oreos?! I never even heard of that!!! I've been away from the USA for so long that I've missed out on lots of important stuff, obviously.

Auburn Kat said...

Signs of spring are finally here too! It's amazing hwo things bloomed when I was gone and it was just for a couple of days!