Thursday, December 02, 2010

I have a cold. Ugh. I'm not surprised. Being totally exhausted from house guests since the day before Thanksgiving until yesterday, I'm a bit worn down. It doesn't help that this farmhouse is tiny and it's been a week of falling all over people and waiting for the bathroom. We seriously need to build the "dream house" soon.

After the second batch of guests left yesterday, Pete and I went out to buy the Wii for the kids. We will wrap it and put it under the tree--once we get a tree. The plan is to find one this weekend.

The airline job is still going OK. We will bid on our schedules after the holidays and then I'll have a set schedule for 6 months. I'm a little anxious not knowing what the schedule will be. I go between wanting to quit so I am in control on the schedule to being glad I have a place to go while the kids are in school. It's definitely one of those "you can't have it all" moments. I'm sure it will make it worth while when I start taking trips for free. Pete wants to go to Paris next month with the kids. I sure hope it works out.

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