Sunday, December 26, 2010

I should change my husband's name to "Firestarter." We took down our Christmas tree today because the needles were falling off left and right. So, this afternoon, Pete took the tree outside to burn it. He also burned some other paper stuff.

I don't know exactly what time he started the little fire, but by the time I went outside, our field was burning. There was a ring of fire about the footprint of a small house. The middle had already burned out. I asked him (he was in the garage), "Why are you burning the field?" He said he wasn't but that he was in the garage. I repeated the question and he came out to see what I was talking about. I soon realized he didn't mean to burn the field. We filled buckets and put the little fires out. It's now laughable because we managed to put all the fires out but, seriously, it was a little scary at the time. I wonder what all the passerbyes were thinking?

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Auburn Kat said...

Glad to hear that everything is going good! Your husband might want to get a burn barrel or something like that to contain the fire! =)

Hope you had a nice Christmas!