Sunday, March 13, 2011

New York!

We went to NYC for the weekend. Friday was my father-in-law's birthday and Saturday was my husband's. The kids and I flew to La Guardia on my benefits. I love taking advantage of the free flights.

Saturday, Kendall dropped off her American Girl doll at the store so it could be sent to the "hospital." Our dog had chewed off her toe right after Santa gave it to Kendall. The afternoon was spent running around in Central Park. For dinner, we went to a new restaurant called Maialino. My father-in-law's first cousin took us all out to celebrate the birthdays. It's right by Gramercy Park. I really like that part of New York.

So, we will be heading back to Pennsylvania. I hope there is sun there today. It's been so spring-like here in NYC. But first, we are going to Brooklyn to see one of Pete's best buddies from high school. He, his wife and 5 month old baby are moving to Seattle soon. It will be harder to see them after that. :(

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