Saturday, March 19, 2011

We went to Brooklyn on our way out of New York City. We have friends who live there. Oh my gosh! I loved Brooklyn! The tree-lined streets with the brownstone houses---so homey. We had a nice lunch with our friends and saw there 5 month old, very cute, baby boy. He was so cuddly. But, the funny thing is when we first got there, Pete, Chris, Clay and I went for a little walk. We bought some coffee and muffins and on the way back noticed a huge lion stuffed animal sitting on the stoop. Chris told us that people put stuff out on the stoop when they want to get rid of it. It's free for whoever wants it. I'm talking this is the biggest stuffed animal I have ever seen. Well, you can guess we now possess a huge stuffed animal in the shape of a lion. Oh and to gross you out more, the kids alternate nights as to who gets to sleep with it!

The rest of the week was busy. I volunteered on Monday and then worked. I worked on Tuesday and stayed late because they needed the help and my parents flew in on the 4:50 pm flight. I'm definitely taking advantage of the flight benefits. We didn't do a lot of stuff- in fact, my parents are content to do nothing. But, my dad did build some bluebird houses until he came down with a cold. My mom and I only got out to shop one time. Pete ended up flying to Oklahoma City (again, flight benefits) to buy a used truck for the farm. He's driving it back. My parents flew back home this morning at 6:20 am. I'm tired because I had to be at work at 5 am this am. Phew! Now, I'm watching some basketball on TV. I love this time of year.

Next week, I finally get to go for training with my new job. There is a handful of us going to Atlanta for a day. We'll leave Tuesday night and come back really late on Wednesday. I say finally because my boss had been turning me down right and left when I ask to go to training. I don't get him at all. Oh well, I'm just keeping my eye on the prize.


Char said...

Oooohhh, I feel like I have died and gone to Heaven! I finally have internet again (after about 47 years without it!!!) and have spent a good few hours catching up on your blog. Yayness! Sounds like you're having a ball, Kelly. So nice to be able to read your goings-on again! Yay for me!

Auburn Kat said...

I take stuff to my basement and just leave it out if I don't want it anymore. Usually someone takes it. =)