Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm still here, just lazy when it comes to blogging. I've been working a lot and the kids are out of school. The three of us just got back from a quick trip to Arkansas. The best thing about my current job is the free, albeit standby, airfare! So, I hope we can go down and see the family more often than in years past. My parents are getting old and I feel like I need to see them as much as possible. My dad and my son have the best time together, too.

Speaking of work, we still don't have a new schedule. The boss isn't keen on implementing it, either. So much for the recruiter telling us that every 6 months you have a chance to bid on a new schedule. Ho hum. I'm not a union person but if it means our boss is accountable for doing his job, I might have to become one. So for now, I'll just keep my head down low and dream about the next trip.

The farm is looking pretty in the summer. We have birds everywhere. I love it. Our garden is coming up. I didn't plant anything, of course, but I can be excited about the fruits of others' labor! We had some plans drawn up for our dream house. It will be a great day when I don't have to live in this little farmhouse. It's like a hotel without being in an interesting place.

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