Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The kids are still asleep. They were up late and played outside all day yesterday. Just like when I was a kid. Summer was for staying up late and sleeping in. No all day camps, all week. Last night, the lightning bugs were out in force. I made the kids turn off the boob tube and go outside and try to catch some. It was much harder to catch lightning bugs than when I remember. Nevertheless, we were busy for a while. I've always thought lightning bugs were magical.

I'm so tired from work yesterday. I need new shoes. I would rather buy nice, cute shoes. Oh well. Anyway, I have to work today and it will be a long one since I told the boss I could help them out this afternoon. The schedule is a mess and there are spots all over when we are short-handed. I won't volunteer for the extra hours much longer though. My boss refuses to make me part-time (20hr/week min), so I need to make a point.

Better go. Happy Tuesday!

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