Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Roots or Wings?

I heard Tina Brown on NPR this morning talking about some books coming out and she was talking about the struggle with roots vs. wings in one of the books. I do think there are those who are in between, but I think, in general, you are one or the other. I know I have wings. I love going places and seeing new and different things. The reality is I'm grounded here in Pennsylvania with a husband and kids, but I dream of seeing the world as often as possible. Yeah, my dream job is being a host on some travel show where you travel around and discover the hidden treasures of some off-the-beaten path. I would bring the family along when possible. I would learn to travel light, too. I just got back from Sweden and already I'm dreaming/planning the next adventure! Southern Spain? Istanbul? London? Paris, perhaps? We could stay with family friends of my husband in Paris. Hmmmm.

Yes, the one huge perk of working in the airline industry is the free, stand-by travel. For the international trips, I only have to pay the airport taxes. It can and will add up, I'm sure. But the thought of my kids seeing this world makes me very happy.

I think my husband is a person with roots. He is the happiest when he's outside working in the garden or driving his tractor around the farm. The idea of the vineyard taking off puts a smile on his face. Funny, we have so many things in common, but this is totally opposite of me. Of course, he's traveled the world from a very early age-even living oversees in Taiwan when he was 3. The academic world his parents were part of took them all over. I guess I'm making up for lost time.

So, the kids' last day of school is tomorrow. Let the summer begin! Look out world! We're coming to see you!

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