Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm such a slacker when it comes to this blog anymore.  I hate to give it up but find there's nothing new to say.  I guess I can blame Facebook for that.  

Winter is here in Central PA.  We had snow and it will probably melt away this weekend.  I think we will get up to the 50s.  I know we need the cold, but I like a mild winter.  Clayton made a huge snowman the first day we had  a ton of snow (Dec 26).

Work is still work.  The boss is the same ole (insert here).  I'm glad I have a place to go and keep busy and I certainly like the flight benefits (even if they aren't as good as they used to be).  Thursdays are my cleaning days now and I find I get so bummed after a while of being in the house alone.  I can't imagine not having a job!  I would spiral down for sure.  I still feel like my calling is in healthcare but there are no jobs out there.  Volunteering at Centre Volunteers in Medicine helps with that need.  I love it there.  I wish they would want to hire me!

I've been so homesick the past few weeks.  I hope to go there next week and see family/friends.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the flights aren't full and the weather is nice.

The dog and two cats are doing great.  Oreo (male) thinks he is a dog and follows Lilly around.  He even eats out of her bowl while she's eating.  Tuxedo (female) is cute as ever and sort of does her own thing.  She purrs at the drop of the hat which makes my heart melt. 


Char said...

I would also hate it if you gave up your blog. You've been my best blogging buddy.
My blog has also taken a back seat to Facebook, but I decided recently to drop the anxiety about HAVING to post everyday. Now I post to the blog when I want to, without the pressure to always have something clever to say. I don't want to forget the lovely moments that Jesse-Lee and I share. So that's become my go-to-place for journaling the funny things she says.

Kelly said...

You are too kind, Char! I love having you as a blogging buddy/facebook friend! I can't wait to meet you in real life one of these days!

Marisa said...

I enjoy reading your blog too. I don't blog much except for what I'm required to do for my grad school class... on a different blog. I am struggling with feeling that my calling is in healthcare, but I can't find a job in the field, and on the other hand, I sort of felt called to teach too. I guess I should be happy that my job has both of those but you know me. Oh, well.