Sunday, September 14, 2008


Two things happened this week that made me go hmmmmmm? Midweek, I was driving the kids somewhere and the subject of pirates came up. Kendall asked me if there were pirates today and I said yes. I had heard a story on NPR regarding modern day pirates and tried to explain it to her. And then she said, "and God hates pirates." "Now, how do I use this as a teaching opportunity," I thought to myself. I said that God doesn't hate them, he just doesn't like what they do. I told her that God loves everybody. And that we come across people even nowadays that we may not like what they do, but we still need to treat them the way we want to be treated. Fast forward to this morning in church. The lady that oversees the children's ministries at church gives a children's message before they are sent out for the remainder of church. Today, she started her message asking the children if they wear glasses. Some raised their hands. She then asked them if they knew of other types of glasses. She pulled out sunglasses, safety goggles and swimming goggles. She explained that those types of glasses all have their own special purpose. Then she said the kids need to wear their pretend "Jesus glasses" when they look at other people. They need to look at other people the way that Jesus would look at them. They may not be like us or look like us, but that everyone is a child of God and God loves them.

The second thing that happened what just about being in the right place at the right time. I have been looking for a twin bed for Clayton. I've checked some local stores as well as craigslist. I'm in no hurry, but I know that eventually we will need a bed for Clayton. A friend's neighborhood was having a big garage sale on Saturday so I decided to go take a look. I wasn't having much luck when one of Kendall's classmate's moms yelled from across the street at me. I explained I was on a mission for a twin bed for my 4 year old. She told me she had a twin bed that we could have. It was a really nice wooden platform frame with a mattress that they were no longer using. Just what I was looking for. We arranged for a pick up time later that day. I couldn't believe


Auburn Kat said...

It's funny how things work out like that sometimes!

Thomas said...

Amongst my friends, we wear what we call "Republican glasses." You look for the guy wearing a Brooks Brother shirt. The challenge is to treat him nicely.

I do pretty well with this game since many of my relatives are Republicans. Years of practice, I guess.