Sunday, September 28, 2008

OK. I NOW get it!

Last night, Pete and I attended the Penn State and Illinois game. Both teams were ranked in the top 25. It was televised and the turn out was impressive--over 109,000! The eighth largest in school history. So, not bad for our first game (to attend)!It was a "white out" which meant we were all supposed to wear white. I got a picture of the student section and the "S."

We took this at the end of the game. It was way past our bed time.
There is the team at the beginning of the game.
Beaver Stadium from the outside.
The Blue Band is showing off its skill. We were on the 45th yard line! We had awesome seats.
Oh, and did I mention that PSU won? It was a blast.


Auburn Kat said...

OK, so wha'ts better a PSU game or a Hog game?

Kelly said...

I have to say the crowd is a little overwhelming at a PSU game--I mean, it was over 109,000 people. But with that said, I still get a little more excited when I watch the Hogs!