Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nature vs. Nurture

Have you ever wondered why we turn out the way we do? Is it our genetic makeup or influences from our parents, or both?

I tend to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut sometimes. I think I'm like my dad that way. I am also opinionated (I'm usually right, though). OK, that's a joke.

Today I sent a letter to a paving company that tarred and chipped our private road. This company did this a year ago and then, to make it better, did it again just last week. One of the neighbors has been in charge of collecting money and communicating with the company. But, this year we all had to put in $800 (per household) to tar and chip the road. The company held our money for months. They were supposed to do the job in July but I guess we had some rainy days and they got behind. By the time they made it to our job, the price of oil had gone up. So, here is where I get a little irritated. We all had to send in an additional $133 to cover the difference! Why didn't they buy their supplies when they got the money in the first place? Is this right that they can quote us one price and then charge another? Perhaps we would have gone with another company? So, I sent them a letter and said that I am still considering complaining to the Better Business Bureau. Am I out of line?

Pete would have a cow if he knew I sent them a letter. I wonder how many times my mom rolled her eyes at all the letters my dad sent to various companies in the past?

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Auburn Kat said...

ABOSOLUTELY NOT! I would have done the same exact thing, although, I have a habit of calling and complaining instead of writing letters.