Saturday, October 04, 2008

1 week and counting...

My mom is flying up next Saturday! Yippee! It was so much cheaper to fly into Harrisburg (about 2 hr away), so I will have to drive a ways to get her, but I am so excited none the less!

Today we are going to a wedding (I love going to weddings, getting dressed up, etc.) and then tomorrow Pete has to drive to Pittsburgh to fly to Houston for a quick meeting. He should get back Tuesday and then he's gone Friday for his annual hunting trip with the guys. He will be gone for about 10 days to Maine. Usually, I plow through by myself with the kids, but this year my mom is coming up here (another reason I'm so happy she's coming up for a visit).

It will be fun to drag her around to all the places I trek to during the week---Clayton's soccer and preschool, Kendall's ballet and her school. And I'm hoping to go with her to the Belleville Flea market. It's about an hour away and there are a lot of Amish selling their furniture and stuff. I've always wanted to check it out but didn't want to go by myself. It is every Wednesday. I think she will enjoy seeing a little of the central Pennsylvania country life.

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Auburn Kat said...

I'm sure your mom will love every minute of it!