Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hunter back. Stinky. Really stinky.

Pete got home last night around 10 pm. His friend, Josh, stayed the night and was out this morning by 8. He still had about 4 hours to DC. Josh's dog ended up needing surgery because she had eaten some socks at their house before the hunting trip. She managed to throw up one but the other was stuck in her gut! Oh, I am such a cat person. Anyhoo.

The guys had a great time with some heated debates regarding the presidential candidates. All but one are going to vote for Obama, but since they are academic types, they found something to argue about.
This is the back of Josh's car. One of the guys at camp wrote this message on his dirty car. In case you are wondering what the word "Bonasa" means, it is the genus for grouse. They drove all the way to our house from the remote parts of northern Maine (redundant, I know). I think some people honked in Connecticut. They were sweating it until they reached Massachusetts! HA!

We are slowly getting back into the routine...


Auburn Kat said...

My roommates cat swallowed a needle not that long ago and had to have surgery!

Cheryl Wray said...

That is SO funny!!!!