Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What would you do?

About twice a week or so I pass a runner on the long road that leads into town. This road is relatively flat, but only has two lanes. We have a lot of cyclists out our way because of the terrain and the farms probably are nice to see. And usually the only times the road is busy are in the mornings and evenings. The cyclists seem to get it right most of the time.

The dilemma for me is regarding this runner. I've been running off and on for about 22 years. Probably more off than on, but it is a sport that I like and am always wishing I was really addicted to it. But, I know the rules. You run against the traffic so you can see if a car gets too close. So here is the problem for me: this runner is running with the traffic and he is wearing an iPod or Walkman thing so he can't see or hear if a car is swerving over or approaching. One day, the road was empty and this runner was going along and I thought, "here's my chance to pull over and tell him he's on the wrong side of the road." I didn't do it and I hope he doesn't get hit. If he did, I would feel so guilty for not have saying something.

Am I being too nosy? Should I just mind my own business?


Auburn Kat said...

I know I would be feeling the exact sameway as you are. It's a tough call...

Sorry, that didn't help!

Katrin said...

I would stop and tell him when I get the chance. The problem is, I do that kind of thing and then am so embarrassed half way through that I blush badly and feel stupid. I am actually too shy for something like that!