Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm ready for the weekend!

From getting pumpkins one day to driving through snow the next, this weather has been kinda freaky lately. We hardly had any summer (it was cold and rainy) and now we have snow on October 15! Of course, the kids are extremely excited. Wouldn't you know that they need new snow boots? I guess my kids are going to get bigger after all.

My husband will return home late Saturday night with Lilly. My mom arrives around 10 pm on Saturday, too. I can't wait to see her! I'm looking forward to seeing my man, too. :) Now, Lilly, I'm not really missing her but I'm sure the kids can't wait to see her. It's been nice coming home and knowing that none of the beds have been peed on by her.

I have to admit the single parent thing is getting old. I'm tired, y'all. Plus, Kendall had to be put on antibiotics due to a secondary infection from her cold about 3 weeks ago. We've been doing the breathing treatments at home and she even missed a day of school this week. I've had a hard time keeping up with the house since I've been driving here and there with kid appointments and such. I saw the second grade teacher today and asked how Kendall was at school. Mrs. E. said Kendall walked into class today and exclaimed, "I'm on antibiotics for diabetes!" To which Mrs. E. corrected her and said, "for bronchitis!"

To make my week a little busier, I had to meet with the speech pathologist at school regarding Clayton. Just before the meeting, I tried my had at a tarte tatin. It was supposed to be turned out onto a platter (so the crust is on the bottom, apples on the top) but the apples stuck to the cast iron. I think I know what I did so next time I'll be careful. Anyway, it turns out my son has a lisp. I know he's hard to understand sometimes so I think it might be time to try to correct it. He was evaluated when he was 4 and was OK for his age then, but I guess he isn't where he needs to be for age 5+. At least it can be done at the school during normal school hours.

I guess I should wrap this up. I've got to get those kids in and feed them dinner. Well, I should, anyway!


Blaez said...

it hasn't snowed here yet but i expect it to anyday! colder and colder and freezing rain. when i moved up here in '06 it snowed in mid october. i was in the office and my office mate said "its snowing" and so i took a bunch of pictures and emailed them to my daddy in arkansas and called him... i've seen snow before in like december and january but never october!!! nor in April!!

chicago is too insane for me. i'm
going back to arkansas next year. i want a summer. and with the metal in my back now i don't think i can handle another subzero winter!

Diane said...

And I was fed up as I needed my gloves this morning - but it is mild here compared to what you have. Oh, how I DON'T miss the Wisconsin winters.

Di said...

I know you're not in WI anymore, but you know what I mean!