Sunday, October 11, 2009

"What can I do?"

I guess my son needs more structure than I give him. Yesterday we were busy with the apple festival at Way Fruit Farm. Kendall and Clayton did the petting zoo and we rode the wagon thing to go out to the field to pick our pumpkins. It was fun! The weather turned out great.

Today, I got the kids up and off we went to church. We were only 5 to 10 minutes late, which for us, is really good. At 1 pm, we went to Clayton's soccer game and then home. Kendall is a little under the weather so we skipped her game today. And then the question I heard was, "What can I do?" If I heard it once, I heard it 30 times. Ugh! Of course, everything I suggest isn't what he wants to hear (clean your room, pick up toys, build Lego's, color, etc.) I have no clue how to handle a kid that needs to be told how to entertain himself! He even gets bored watching TV! I'm glad he doesn't want to sit there all day and watch TV, but I really don't know what to say to him. He wanted someone to play with but his sister didn't feel well and the neighborhood kids weren't around. I'm glad he goes back to school tomorrow.

some of the teammates on Clay's soccer team

So, it's another week. I'm chaperoning for the kindergarten field trip tomorrow. Yes, we're going out to a farm and getting more pumpkins. :-)


Blaez said...

you have a beautiful family!!!

me and joe are very actively trying to get our own up and running!! i've been wanting this for over 10 years. omigod i can't wait to do what you are doing!!!

i'm like your son, i get easily bored with tv, computers, everything. and sadly, i have no advice for you because well, you're right no matter what you say its going to be something he doesn't want to do...

altho......... if you don't have a video game system... maybe get like a Wii or PS3? they're supose to be real fun and entertaining. and its something the whole family can enjoy together as well on snowed in days! we have a PS3 and race each other... we like the race games the best... we still have my old SNES and play super mario brothers and duck hunt!!! with the Wii you can download real cheap the old NES games like mario and duck hunt!

Diane said...

Tell him it's time for bed - my boys always seem to be in the middle of doing something important when it's bedtime!!

Kelly said...

Blaez--Thank you. I do feel blessed when it comes to my children. For the most part, they are easy going and a lot of fun. I hope you get to experience it some day! We have friends who have the Wii and we've played it a few times with them. It's a blast! Maybe one of these days we can get that.

Kelly said...

Diane--unfortunately, it was in the middle of the day and he was already complaining of boredom.