Saturday, July 03, 2010

I'm back from Arkansas and still tired. It takes two days to make the drive. We had great weather and no construction on the highways so it wasn't bad.

My husband made an offer on some land while he was back home for a week. So, if anyone wants a house, let me know! But, it means going to Barcelona will have a little guilt with it now that my husband says we need to save money. :( He never worries about that when he's flitting around in the woods. Oh well.

Better go for now. I've got lots to do around here.

Happy 4th (tomorrow) everyone!


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Katrin said...

about Barcelona: we stayed in the center in a simple but convenient place (citadines las ramblas). It was nothing special, but the people were nice and we had a little kitchenette. (ask for a room in the eighth floor).

In the three days that we were there, we didn't get a chance to learn a lot about the city - but I can definitely say that the location of las ramblas is pretty neat (though very busy) and in the center of all activities. Across the street from this hotel, there was a Le Meridien, in case you want to spend a bit more.

Also, the Gracia district was cute but try to stay between the subway stations of fontana, joanic, verdaguer, diagonal (they form a square on the map).

But that is just my personal very sketchy knowledge about the city. Other than that, I'm sorry I couldn't help more.

Enjoy Barcelona!