Saturday, July 24, 2010

My parents left this morning. We took them out for breakfast at the Waffle Shop. I think they liked it. It was a very stressful week with Pete gone and my parents here while I worked at the hospital. My parents took the kids to their camps while I worked. I was able to take off a few minutes early and pick up my daughter from camp so my parents wouldn't have to drive the 20 min in to get her (since I work 2 min from Penn State). I wonder how single parents do it---work and take care of their children. Surely, it's not meant to be that way.

Pete, his sister and his dad found a nursing home for Pete's mom. There's not an opening right now but they say the average wait is a month. It's a swanky one--$180,000 a year. I think the long-term insurance will pay about half of it. What do people do that can't afford that? Pete's dad is already planning to spend time with his grandchildren once he can travel again. In some ways, I'm dreading it--he's not the easiest guy to be around. But, it's been sad because he can no longer travel with Joan so the kids don't see their paternal grandparents much. We haven't been there since March. The next few weeks are full of uncertainty.

We close on the 23.7 acres on Friday. I'm excited and nervous. Change is always hard but not always bad. I dread getting our house ready to sell but I wish I had someone that wanted it. We've been painting all day today. Unfortunately, I bought the cheaper paint and it's not doing a great job covering the old paint. Lesson learned.

I'm beat. It's been a long week, but I survived. The kids have been exhausted. We have it so easy the other weeks of the year. I'm very spoiled by not having to work. (my kids are, too).

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Auburn Kat said...

Moving is fun and stressful at the same time!!!