Monday, August 23, 2010

Big day!

Friday was a big day. First, it was my baby girl's birthday. She turned 8! She has wanted to get her ears pierced for two years now, so we finally let her. Her friend and Clayton are there for moral support. Kendall needed to hold their hands.

Here, the lady is putting a mark on her earlobe.
Kendall had to close her eyes for the piercing. She was very brave.
And there you have it. Little gold balls in her ears.
After that, we went to a local water park for the afternoon. Then Kendall had her friend and her friend's sister spend the night. We threw together a little party/sleepover. The days of the big parties are over. Thank Goodness. I think they had a good time.

The other big news of the day is we got an offer on our house! They offered full asking price and were approved for a loan. Now, we need to get appraised and inspected. It's so crazy how fast this has all happened. I guess it's meant to be.

It looks like I'll be perpetually painting for a while. Ugh.

At least I still have Barcelona.....

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Auburn Kat said...

That really is exciting news about the house!!! I can't believe it's happened so fast=)

I still can remember when I got my ears pierced, we were on vacation in Delaware and it was around my birthday time.