Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We went to New York state over the weekend. My husband's friend from high school and college was in the country from Taiwan. He, his wife and two kids were here for a while. They come every summer and have a big cookout and all his friends come to see them. It's like a mini reunion for Cornell. Ben sets up tents (we brought ours) and people sleep in the yard. Ben's parents live in a huge farm house that was built in 1905. There's a pool and tons of space for kids to run around. At night, there's always a big bonfire. This year I came down with a cold. :( It was still nice seeing everyone, but I felt like poop.

Tomorrow we close on the property (finally). I wish we could find a renter for the house over there because it's not looking like we are going to sell our house. I need a job if we are going to have two mortgages.

Which, I'm actively searching for a job right now. There are some possibilities out there and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It would be so good to have a career of my own. I'm tired of the SAHM routine. Besides, the kids are older and spend most of their time at school during the year. And it would be good to use my brain again.

In other news, my sister has moved back to Northwest Arkansas. She's working in hospice full-time now. She decided to leave Family Practice because, in her words, "to do it right, you don't make any money." There is a huge problem with primary care in this country. The doctors don't get reimbursed like they should. My sister was the medical director for a small hospice house with 4 or 6 beds for five years and during that time discovered she loved doing hospice. It will be great to spend more time in Fayetteville when we go down in the summers.


Auburn Kat said...

Do you drive up 219 to go to NY?

Hopefully you can find a renter soon! Maybe someone will rent it for the first semester of the school year? A grad student? Did you try listing it on Craigslist?

Kelly said...

Kat-we drove 80 to 84 to 17. We were near West Point. I may have left out a road-not sure.

I would love it if we got some crunchy, outdoorsy grad students in there. WE close today so I will take pics and put on Craigslist.