Friday, January 07, 2011

This week has been a good week. I worked a couple of days, had lunch with a friend one day and breakfast with some other girlfriend the next. A nice balance. And to top it off, I'm getting my hair cut and colored this afternoon. Nothing makes a girl feel good like a good haircut and no gray hair!

We took our daughter to the doctor this week to have her weight evaluated. She has gained a lot of weight in a year since her tonsillectomy. She had to have her blood drawn to make sure it isn't a thyroid issue. But mostly, it's all about portion control and adding some variety to her diet. The doctor (our old neighbor) was fantastic! Kendall seemed to understand, too.

Clayton is doing fine. His math and reading are coming along now that we know he was copying off his neighbor's work and not learning for himself. It's good to nip these things in the bud, you know.

Back to work. I just booked a trip to Dubai. I hope it works out! I like most parts of my job. I'm soon going to learn how to deice a plane. I know, too cool.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

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diane said...

Jamie saw his doc this week, who is worried about his weight too - he has gained 4 kgs since summer. Maybe it is an age 9 thing?