Sunday, October 30, 2011

Grumpy, tired, exhausted...

I'm exhausted. I'm weepy. I think that might be because of the first thing. My father-in-law arrived this Friday and flew out today. A 48 hour visit. It went really well and he seems to be doing OK. This was his first trip out here since my mother-in-law's death in March. He had been out to visit after she went into the home, maybe once. But toward the end of her life, while her Alzheimer's Disease was severe, he didn't come out here. The kids really enjoyed seeing their Poppy.

I ended up working on Saturday for someone and it turned out to be a 12+ hour day. We had a bad snow storm and flights were cancelled. The last Delta flight of the day (there are only two on Sat) was delayed about 4 hrs. The frustrating thing is that relief came in at 3 pm, but I wasn't allowed to leave. Yeah, I had been there since 4:30 am. Needless to say, I was very tired by this point in the day only to find out that one of the guys coming in at 3 pm was told we didn't need help out on the ramp. I'm still boiling over that. Yeah, I like working 12 hours a day when I had to wake up at 3 f-in 30-asshole.

OK, I must quit letting this consume me. I have a feeling the only way I'll feel better is if I tell (bitch, complain to ) the boss and get it off my chest. I'm sure nothing will be done about it, though.

OK--really--I must move on. Tomorrow is Halloween in the States. Not my favorite holiday. Seriously, like kids don't get enough candy nowadays on a regular basis? Man, I'm grumpy. Clayton will be a Ninja and Kendall is going to be a cat (again). Every year, I buy her a costume only for her the change her mind at the last minute to her default. It could be worse. I could be a full time employee at the airport....

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