Thursday, February 22, 2007

Take a breath....

It's Thursday. Yep, the day I don't have to be anywhere. I can wear my PJs as long as I want . Of course, by 1 PM, the kids and I are really bored! So, it's nice to have something planned for the afternoon.

Did you just love American Idol last night? My favorites were Melinda, Stephanie, Jordin and LaKisha. I do wonder how some of those people made it that far? I guess it's harder than it looks. And I wonder what will happen on The Office tonight?

Just two more days and the hubby will be home. Yeah! It's hard work putting those kids to bed at night! OK, not that hard when you let the fall asleep watching American Idol. And I actually have a baby-sitter for tonight so I can get out to catch a movie. Thank goodness for DVD recorders.

Happy Thursday. :)

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