Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good day to clean out the fridge

I kept the kids home today because they seemed like they both had colds. I think Kendall is the sick one and I think Clayton is coming out of it or just has allergies. And, I have it now. Great. I guess it's good for us to all be sick together and hopefully, we will not have to worry about it in a few days.

Since I can't smell anything right now, I decided to clean out the refrigerator. I threw out old stuff and took the shelves out and cleaned them with soap and water. Wow! what a difference. I couldn't do all of it today so I just did the shelves in the main part and left the door compartments for tomorrow (maybe). I think I probably had some cures for cancer growing in there. I'm so glad that task is mostly done.

The weather seems to be getting better here this week. We woke up to snow on Monday, but today there is sunshine and warmer temperatures.

And here are some pictures from Cambridge from this past weekend:

I think the bloom from the pink dog wood tree is my favorite of all the flowering trees in the spring.


Auburn Kat said...

Your two littles ones are so cute! Hope "y'all" are feeling better!

Katrin said...

Hope you get well soon! I love the pictures of the flowers and kids. :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Great pictures (but can't believe you all just had snow again. wow!!)!!