Thursday, May 01, 2008

I've got a bee in my bonnet

I heard this story on NPR's Morning Edition regarding consolidation of small municipalities in New Jersey. This same concept could benefit the people of the metropolitan statistical area of Central Pennsylvania.

For years, I have been bothered by the fact that there are all these little municipalities that have their own supervisor, accountant, secretaries, police departments, zoning and planning, administration, parks and recreation, etc. Why should our tax revenue go to support all these duplicate services when we could combine some services and save money.

The population for the metropolitan statistical area was 135,758 in 2000. The population of the areas I am speaking about was 77,049 in 2000. These areas include the State College Borough (pop.38,420), and College (pop.8,489), Ferguson (pop.14,063), Harris (pop.4,657), and Patton (pop.11,420) Townships. I think the property tax rate should be equalized among these areas so that all the rates are the same. If we eliminate some of the duplicate services and make each area pay the same rate, I think we could feel some tax relief for the citizens of this area.

It just makes since for us to consolidate and be one community. The Propery Tax burden in PA is 9th in the U.S. Let's bring that number down while still offering the same great services.


Auburn Kat said...

Sounds like NY!!!!!!!! Our new Governor wants to consolidate it...I heard it on the radio this morning into work.

Cheryl Wray said...

That really does sound ridiculous!!!