Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching up with an old friend.

I just spent the afternoon visiting with an old high school friend. Her mom lives (retired) in my town. We found this out a couple of years ago around the 20th high school reunion. It's been so fun catching up when she's in town to see her mom. It's her children's spring break, so they are here for the week. Our kids play well together and we get to chat. I occasionally have lunch with her mom throughout the year. There's something comforting about seeing someone that you grew up with (especially, when one has been gone from "home" so long).

So, our plan for the week is to eat a couple of meals together and maybe catch a movie or two. We'll see. We don't put too much pressure on us--that's the beauty of old friends.


Auburn Kat said...

I would love to be able to catch up with some of my old friends in person and not on email!

Blaez said...

there is something magical and healing about meeting old friends.